The Embers (Finders, keepers)

​The mystery continues with the soft opening of The Embers on weekends. The specialty cocktail bar that first opened its [very hard to find]doors in Kabalagala early last year, has found a new home. 

Whilst the mystique is still apparent, the door, a huge bright red gate may be a little easier to spot for those on the hunt for carefully crafted cocktails and a succulent selection of traditional Spanish Tapas and other snack sized delicacies. The bar created quite the buzz in Kampala last year when they introduced their own home Infused alcohol from which they produce a range of classic cocktails with a twist. The scent of Rosemary & Grapefruit Vodka dances on the breeze past the nose as the ice cold martini is carefully stirred, not shaken (Sorry Mr Bond) whilst the Cinnamon, Orange, Honey & Vanilla Bourbon Whiskey tries to seduce you into its glass jar home, enveloping your senses at the request of the mixologist for you to “have a sniff of this one, my dear”. 

Minimalistic, industrial shapes cut out of concrete form clean lines among bursts of green plants. The stylized bar stools and sumptuous cushioned seating give comfort within the raw space. Surrounded by wonderful warehousing space, one wonders whether you are in Kampala at all or… if you have been somehow magically transported to the Meatpacking district of New York or The Eastend of London.

One thing is for sure, The Embers has raised the bar on cocktail culture (and nightlife in general) in Kampala and offer a much needed breath of fresh air to the scene. 

Finders, Keepers! 

(Special thanks to Leon from Embers for being such a wonderful host and for the amazing editorial and pictures).



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