Diani chronicles.

December is my absolute favorite month of the year. The cheer and good vibes around this time are everything. People are kinder, happier… The mood is generally festive; decorations, endless parties. Not to mention leave from work. There’s everything to love about December. This particular December started off on a really low note for my family and i as we lost our main man, a man I so fondly knew as daddy for 25 years. So amidst all the festivities is this huge hole we’ll probably never be able to fill.
Around this time of year, every year, we go on a family vacation. And while this year’s was more much-needed time away from a house filled with bittersweet memories for all of us than anything else, we did our best to make the most of it. It’s what daddy would have wanted. He always insisted on us doing things we wouldn’t usually do on a normal day while we were vacationing. Boy did he love to be a tourist. So what better way to remember and celebrate him than to tourist the life out of touristing?


Diani is a little town on the South Coast of Mombassa, Kenya. I found it much slower paced than the other parts of Kenya I’d previously visited I.e. North Coast and Nairobi, which was ideal. The main mode of transport here (for those without cars) is tuk-tuk, a cute little three wheeled vehicle. I really did enjoy my time in those. They’re cheap, convenient and quite comfy too; not to mention all the fresh air you get as they are mostly open.

The weather was also quite friendly; certainly a lot cooler than it was when I last visited early last year. I wonder if the year I spent living in the very hot and humid Seychelles had anything to do with that. I did acquire a very unflattering tan though (lol), a little souvenir from all that fun in the sun. Don’t believe them when they say black people don’t tan. We do! And we burn too.


I was really looking forward to snorkeling  and dancing with the dolphins in Wasini, but we woke up too late for 10 am glass boat ride from Diani beach to Wasini. If you’re ever in Diani, this is a must do. It costs approximately 4000ksh per person, including lunch. Snorkeling costs about 2000ksh per person.

Diani beach is lined with lots of resorts and restaurants, for those who enjoy to eat, drink and sleep with the stunning view of clear turquoise water and white sand. There’s plenty else to do there too; from riding camels, to kite surfing, parasailing, speed boating, among so many other things. It’s also really close to several shopping centers and banks, in case there’s a thing or two you might want to stock up on.

Long story short, I absolutely fell in love with Diani and you probably would too. Nothing like a little quiet time to refresh a weary soul.

Thank you, Diani.

Have you been to the Kenyan coast? I’d love to hear your thoughts on your experience.

Live, laugh and explore!

♥ Zerida 




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