Gin and Juice Brunch 2016

. There are few things better than sitting outside on a beautiful day, enjoying a delicious meal over drinks and great conversation with your favourite people. This is what brunch means to me. So of course I managed to drag my mourning self all the way across town to Rider’s Lounge, Acacia Place for the Gin and Juice Brunch that happened earlier today. I know, I know, gin and juice isn’t the most enticing combo, is it? But as i said before, they had me at “brunch”.


If the pictures from the previous brunches are anything to go by, the turnout today was uncharacteristically low. I came prepared to have no where to park or sit but surprisingly there was plenty of space. There were only about five or six groups in total; definitely less than a hundred people. A huge YAY for those of us who don’t care for crowds but I highly suspect that the organizers weren’t too pleased with the numbers.

The afternoon (because I got there just before 1pm) started off with a ‘Passionate’ cocktail, a mix of the original Uganda Waragi, passion fruit juice, cloves, lemon juice and sugar syrup -also a HORRIBLE choice. Honestly, this cocktail was so bad that I couldn’t get myself to finish it. I tried another cocktail (Appleragi), hoping it would be better but that too was terrible. I resorted to water after that as I couldn’t get myself to taste any more. Thankfully, I wasn’t charged for the cocktails.

The food: The menu was interesting, for lack of a better word. My party and I had a hard time deciding what to eat, probably because some of our favourite brunch options weren’t on the list. I went for Sausages rolled in Pancake with butterscotch sauce on the side. If you know me, you know how much I love pancakes. And I’m sad to say that those were probably the worst pancakes I’ve ever had. The portion was really small as well.

This picture was taken by Anna Kakuba.

So, disappointed, I ordered for the waffle and pulled pork sandwich with spicy maple syrup and French fries.

This was the most popular food choice as nearly every table had at least 3 of these. My food was brought about 3 minutes after I ordered for it, which had me thinking that it had probably been made a while ago and sat too long. It was completely underwhelming, to be honest. I don’t know if it was just mine because everyone else seemed to enjoy theirs very much.
The service: terrible. The waitresses kept forgetting stuff, messing the orders up and everything just took WAY too long to come. I don’t know how they would have managed a bigger crowd, to be honest. I imagine they’ve probably worked all week and we’re probably exhausted because their delivery was honestly abysmal.

But all that aside, we actually had a great time. The Dj threw it back to the early 2000s and had us bopping out heads to the music the whole time.

Kampala really does need more daytime plans. We can’t be wasting all this sunshine on hangovers. So cheers to the Pearl Guide for the lovely morning and always giving us things to do.


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