Nawab (and other tales).

Ugandan weddings; you attend one, you’ve attended them all (save for a select few which are personalised, different and actually enjoyable). Otherwise, it’s pretty much an expensive school assembly with too many long, boring speeches and too loud music. The good thing is, though, that there’s usually just as much alcohol so after the first drink, the noise fades into the background. By the third, you’re having too much fun to mind the Nandujja music playing too loud during meal time, or the hired artistes prancing around the room lip-syncing to their own songs (for the record, if I ever pay you to perform at my function, please understand that I’m paying for you to SING). 

Anyway, so I found myself attending a wedding not too long ago. I hadn’t been to one in a really long time so I was quite looking forward to it (mostly the free drinks part). The hosts  (one half of them, anyway) are known to throw a mean party so I expected nothing less. I came a little late, intentionally trying to dodge as much of the introductory run as I could get away with . ETA: 7pm -late enough to skip that first round of soda and water  and just in time for food. The joke was on me though because even at 7pm, all the lovely waiter had to offer was water, tea and busheera. I was confused, to be honest. Since when are tea and busheera valid drink options? Is this a thing? I peeped around for any signs of the good stuff … nothing at all. Either they hid it really well (although when you think about it, what is the point?), or there wasn’t any. I endured the torturously loud and tactless MC for just under an hour. That’s as much as I could take. And that’s how I ended up overdressed at Nawab.

Nawab has been my favourite restaurant in Kampala for the better part of the last decade. Their food can fix absolutely anything! As I mentioned in my last post, consistency is something the food scene in Kampala really struggles with. When you go to a restaurant often, over time, you’ll start to see a gradual change (usually in the direction of decline) in the food quality. And yet 15 years down the road, Nawab’s has still got it.  This is one of the things that has kept my family and I going back for all these years.

We had the usual; chicken tikka masala, bhuna gosht and lamb curry with sides of cheese naan, vegetable pullao and masala chips.

And as usual, the taste, quality, service, preparation time, presentation and overall experience were impeccable. Talk about value for money! You can never go wrong with Nawab! So if you like Indian food (or are just looking to try it out) and are wondering where to start from, I’d say Nawab! Nawab! Nawab! 


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