Art attack.

​My love affair with art has been around since I can remember. Art classes were always so much fun! I tried everything, to be honest, but as I got older, it was painting that spoke loudest to me. I love to paint! I’ve never been particularly good, but it’s never stopped me from picking up that brush and going all-in on whatever masterpiece my mind conjures up. 

It’s never been about the outcome. It’s the process;  the mixing of colours, the mess, exhausting your imagination to come up with something that makes you happy (never mind that everyone else sees it as ‘Volongoto’ aka a child’s scribbles). Who needs therapy when you can paint?
I recently got to spend an evening in a private studio creating what I consider my best piece yet. Great music, wine, good company, a large white canvas and and all the paint and brushes you might possibly need are the makings of a perfect night. Thank you to the amazing person that made this evening possible.


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