Foodie’s Day Out, Kampala edition.

My first day back in Kampala is always pretty much the same i.e. catching up on all the food I’ve missed from all my favourite spots with all my favourite people and this one was no exception. The plan was to start the day off with a champions’ breakfast at Cafesserie. People-watching on their terrace over a good meal is always a good time.

The Kampala traffic had other plans though, and by the time I got to Kisementi, it was too close to my lunch appointment to indulge in a heavy breakfast. Cafesserie was uncharacteristically empty and the usual Kisementi buzz was almost non-existent. My guess is everyone was either stuck in traffic or experiencing end-of-month-but-not-yet-pay-day blues.

Anyway, I decided to get my morning cup at the Holy Crêpe instead. Breakfast with a view, what’s not to love? I had a really good experience on my first visit there and hoped they’d get my mocha right after the horrible one I’d had at Java House, JKIA, the night before.

As usual, my order was delivered in no time. But sadly, it wasn’t as tasty as it was pretty -so disappointing.

I drove down to Prunes for my lunch appointment after that. I absolutely couldn’t wait to dig into their famous Caesar salad. I say famous because 1) I’ve read one too many great reviews about that salad and 2) the first time I had it, it changed my life; the salad dressing was really good, the croutons were perfect and the parmesean shavings literally melted in my mouth. Talk about a gastatory dance party!

But as you can see, I had a hard time finding the parmesean in this particular salad. I had to ask for extra parmesean shavings although they didn’t make much difference as the cheese was almost completely tasteless. The salad was very bland, overall and the salad dressing was too watered down.

Consistency is something a lot of restaurants in Kampala struggle with. You find that you’ll have an amazing meal at a restaurant once only to go back and find that it tastes (and sometimes, even looks) completely different the next time around. Sometimes it seems like a meal was made well by mistake. It’s very frustrating!

I had a classic mojito as well, which was made with no love at all. The only flavours I picked up on were gin/vodka and sugar. Very disappointing, Prunes!

Next stop was Tamarai for wine and tea with some of my favourites. The tea was a little too dilute and the waitress was impatient, bordering on rude. But Tamarai somehow always managed to redeem itself. Management is always so quick to correct anything that could possibly go wrong that you really can’t be mad. It’s always a good time at Tamarai!

Last stop for the day was Java House, Bugolobi, undoubtedly my favourite Kampala branch, where we had dinner. Sitting in those booths always makes me feel like part of the group in How I Met Your Mother…lol. It’s the little things.

I had chicken wings which were served with chips and salsa, washed down with sparkling water and later, chocolate milkshake for dessert.

I forgot to tell them to go easy on the chilli when I placed the order, so my tastebuds were pretty much fried by the time I finished my second winglet. We’ll have to do that again sometime (with less chilli). My brother had pork spare ribs which were really, really good. I know what I’ll be having the next time I’m at Java House.

The milkshake was alright, not as nice as Cafe Javas’ chocolate milkshake, but not too bad either. I felt like I should have followed my gut and gone with their amazing chocolate fudge cake for dessert. Oh well, next time.

I hear the gym calling. It’s so good to be home!

Until next time,

Live, Laugh and Be inspired.



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