Chatterbox, Seychelles.

​Sushi is one of those things I was sure I’d never try because I’m generally not very experimental when it comes to food. Usually, my nose, eyes, and past experiences with different flavours guide my food choices. And when in doubt, I go for something that’s familiar. Over the years, I’ve created a list of safe foods for those moments of doubt, though few and far between. But more on that later. 

I remember my sister’s Korean friend from high school packing sushi for lunch every day and everyone going totally nuts about it. I didn’t get it. It had no meat (the raw fish does not count), no scent and all the wrong colours. And it certainly didn’t help that it had raw fish. Why? Long story short, sushi ranked high on the long list of things I knew for a fact I’d never try. I wasn’t even curious. That is until I found myself on a seafood date at Ocean basket, Nairobi, with the bestie. I can’t say for sure what got me to try it in the first place, but I quite liked it and the fuss finally made sense to me.

So here we are. Chatterbox is the newest addition to the Seychelles culinary scene. If you live in the +248 area code, then you’ve definitely seen the ChatterBox ads every single time you log onto Facebook. I’ve been meaning to check it out for a little over a month now but procrastination. Also being a new place, I thought it would be best to give them a little time to settle in. Anyway, I finally got round to doing so and it just so happened to be sushi Wednesday.

They clearly came to impress. Everything about chatterbox from the decor, set up, customer service indicates as much. It’s a spacious, predominantly yellow space, buzzing with life. From the moment you walk in, you are greeted by the positive vibes radiated not only by the staff but also the environment in general. The music plays so softly in the background that you might not even notice it. The place is brightly lit, with all the lights turned on in addition to the natural light coming in through the glass walls on one side of the cafe. Though simple, a lot of attention clearly went into every little aspect of the decor. Like I said, the goal was clearly to impress.

The Food:

A foodie’s dream. The menu has so much to choose from. But if nothing on there tickles your fancy, you can have them make something that isn’t on the menu. Bespoke dining, isn’t that the dream?

I had a 6 piece sushi platter washed down with a glass of chardonnay –
a gastatory delight, overall,  save for the salmon and salads both of which were underwhelming.

For dessert, I had an iced mocha; the best one I’ve had in a very long time. It tasted every bit as yummy as it looks and I loved that it was served in a jar.

There are few things nicer than when the taste of food matches or even exceeds your expectations.  And these guys certainly delivered.

Fast and efficient. The place has only a handful of wait staff (I counted three) but they were able to seamlessly serve the not-so-few customers that kept coming. The waiter was also nice enough to double as a photographer for many of the diners. Waiting time was almost none-existent. Full marks for customer service.

My bill at the end of it all was 438 SCR (Ugx 112,500/$33). I felt a little cheated on the wine though. For the amount charged for a glass of wine, I would have expected a long stemmed, thin-rimmed beauty for a glass. I hope they work on that. Otherwise it was a great dining experience and I’d definitely go back. 

Ps. Chatterbox is located at Eden plaza on Eden island; an artificial island built on coral reef and located a few minutes away from central Victoria. If you’re ever in Seychelles, Eden Island is a must visit.

Until the next adventure (culinary or otherwise)…

Live, laugh and be inspired!



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