La Pause Cafe, Seychelles.

If ever you find yourself wandering the streets of Victoria, Seychelles, and you’re wondering where to stop for a quick bite (preferably on the go), La Pause Cafe is just the place.

I went by this little place late last week after having noticed the colourful signpost on a drive by not too long before.

At a glance:

La Pause is a really small neat space. It’s not particularly picturesque but it’s neat and pretty. There’s a lot of natural light coming in through the large window so it’s bright and cheery and generally has a very happy vibe. It can only accomodate 13 sitting customers at a time though, and that’s at full capacity (yes, I counted). And even then, the 13 would be quite a crowd. So depending on how busy it is when you go, you might want to get a takeaway.



Probably owing to the limited space, nearly everyone who walked in had their food to go. La Pause is your typical middle of town cafe with people swinging in and out every few minutes. Everything about it, from the setup to the speed of service says eat your food and go —in a nice way, though. The decor and furnishings are minimal, so the place is roomy, despite being small.

The food:

The menu has so much to choose from! Think fresh juices, crepes (both sweet and savoury), salads, pastries, smoothies, coffees, you name it. I went for a ham and cheese crepe and fresh apple, mint, carrot, lemon and ginger mixed juice.


Preparation time? Well it was ready before I could count. So it’s definitely a great option if you’re short for time.

Not much thought went into the presentation, I must say, but what they lacked in presentation, they made up for in taste. The crepe was really good! And they actually put the ham unlike this time.

I paid 150 SCR ($11, UGX38,000) for the crepe and juice (75 SCR for each) which was a good deal for the scrumptious crepe. Also, eating out in Seychelles is generally not cheap so that is the absolute lowest you can get it for around here. The juice, on the other hand, was not that great. I regretted not going for something richer like a smoothie, which was round about the same price. I’ll certainly not be having that again.



Fast and efficient. The nice lady at the counter was patient and friendly; taking time to explain the different menu options and make recommendations here and there. Customer service in the Seychelles is generally lacking, at best, so this was a very pleasant surprise. The chef, on the other hand, was obviously having a bad day as he didn’t crack a single smile the whole time I was there. But the food was good so we’ll forgive him.

Overall, it was a good experience; fair prices, value for money, record preparation time and everything is oh-so-fresh! I’ll definitely be stopping by again soon for that Full English Crepe.

Are you planning on visiting Seychelles soon? Send me a message for some recommendations.

Thank you for stopping by!

Until next time, live, laugh and be inspired!




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