La dolce vita (Seychelles).

I was out touristing in my neighborhood (read: Victoria CBD) last week when I discovered this lovely, not-so-little place. I was shocked at how I’d neither heard of nor seen the place in the 6 months I’ve spent living in the CBD. I guess we can blame the almost non-existent advertising on the island.

Anyway, I walked past the outdoor area which had lovely parasols set on exposed brick style tiles, through what I imagine is/was the dining area and finally settled at a high table in the ice cream/cocktail parlour. The place was abuzz with happy customers chatting to eachother from all corners and more still walking in and out every few minutes. The mood; typical Friday afternoon vibes.

The menus were placed at my table so fast that I thought for a second that, perhaps, they had been there when I sat. I took my time flipping through, trying to decide what I wanted to have as it was too late for lunch yet too early for dinner. I noticed that while the parlour had emptied dramatically, none of the three waiters standing rather idly by the counter bothered attending to me. I didn’t mind much to begin with, as it presented an opportunity for me to snap a few shots of the place while I waited.

But somehow, a few minutes turned into twenty. I actually started to get uncomfortable. Why weren’t these people attending to me? I moved to a lower table right infront of the counter and waved my hands to draw their attention. Nothing. Until, that is, a really nice Kenyan waiter who had been serving in the other section of the restaurant came and took my order. Please note, I’d been sitting for a little over or under thirty minutes by then. It was a whole thirty minutes of me looking like a broke, idle person (not that there’s anything wrong with broke, idle people) before my food came.

And lo and behold, my homemade crepe with ham and cheese was presented sans ham. These guys were seriously determined to make me not like them. I went through the first several bites wondering if,  perhaps, I just didn’t know what Italian ham tasted like. Seriously, I wasn’t tasting any ham. I was nearly through with it when I realised they were going to make me pay extra for ham that hadn’t been served and if I finished it, I’d have no evidence and so they could charge me extra for ghost ham and I’d leave thinking  (and probably swearing too) that Italian ham tasted like cheese. Lol. Turns out the chef had <em>apparently </em> misread my order. I must say though that the cheese was so good that the slip was excused. The portion, though, was a little shocking. Let’s just say that everyone who complained about the portions at The Holy Crêpe would take their complaint back if they saw how much smaller this one was in comparison. My inner African was not pleased!

For dessert, I had a hard time deciding between the numerous mouthwatering gelatos and the chocolate, cheese and strawberry cakes. I went with a slice of strawberry cake (surprise surprise), which the waiter said was their most popular.

Gosh it looked too pretty to eat!

After a few (or not so few) pictures, I finally dug in. The frosting was as yummy as it looked. The cake on the other hand? Not so much. It was plain and dry. It had obviously been in the fridge for longer than it should have. I almost regretted not going with my usual choice (chocolate) but it just wasn’t dark enough (which, in my mind, translated to not being rich enough) so the choice had been easy (also, what had been said to be cheese cake had turned out to be a lemon tart).

I didn’t finish my cake. And I didn’t pack it either because it really wasn’t great. But it took the waiter another thirty minutes to clear my plate and bring my bill. The interesting thing, though, is that the lovely European couple next to me had all the waiters swarming around them like bees from the moment they sat down.

Could it have been a bad day? Or, perhaps, a case of racism? I guess we’ll never know.

Ambience: The mood of the place is pretty much mostly set by the lighting which is brilliant in the icecream/cocktail parlour and dimmer in the dining area. A lot of attention clearly went into the set up of the place. The decor is minimal and clean, yet rather elegant.

Food: The crepe was tasty. Turn presentation was alright as well. After all, there are only so many ways one could possibly present a stuffed crepe. The dessert on the other was a disappointment.

Service: Terrible. I don’t think I need to say any more here.

Prices: I thought the prices were decent. It’s not as cheap as Butcher’s Grill  (a popular McDonald style fast food place) but also not as expensive as most of the other restaurants in Seychelles. No complaints here.

Would I go back? Most certainly not.



  1. Loooooool I can feel the irritation all the way here in Kampala. I hate it when people miss out key ingredients in the meal. I don’t even know how you kept going. I’d open that crepe up and ask them to explain which part of that crepe has ham. Can’t pay for certain things. Now I know where not to go while in Seychelles


    1. You know what? I actually kept eating, thinking that maybe it was one of those places that puts a fraction of one slice of ham per meal…lol. So figured I’d get to it eventually. Only to realise that there was actually none at all. I paid less in the end though. I’m reforming…I do not make noise anymore…lol. Lies. I judt didn’t have another hour to spend waiting for food.

      Thank you for reading 🙂

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