Bacon and Cheese Rolex ft. KFN’s Soft Layered Chapati.

[noun] A popular Ugandan street food; fried eggs usually made with cabbage, onions, tomatoes and sometimes peppers, rolled in a chapati.

The most frequently asked question on Kampala Food Network is how to make super soft layered chapatis. 
Seriously, there’s a new post nearly every day asking Ti Kat to share the recipe. And when they are not asking for the recipe, you’ll see post after post of many a proud KFNer sharing their success story.

Now my chapati making skills have always been bad-ass thanks to my awesome teacher who saved me from months of unending chapati cravings in the years I’ve spent living abroad. But one too many posts about the famous ‘super soft layered chapatti’ later, I decided to give the recipe a try a see what the fuss was all about.

(all these adjusted to personal taste)

1. Flour (amount in accordance to the number of chapatis you want. Just remember to get enough flour for the dough and some more to use while kneading and rolling out)

2. Boiling hot Water

3. 1Tbsp Butter/Margarine

4. 3Tbsp Oil warmed up,

5. A pinch or 1/2 tsp Salt, 2pinches or 1.5tsp Sugar.

6. Thinly diced Onions

 The recipe:
1- Put flour in a large bowl. Add thinly diced onions.

2- Add and Mix your salt and sugar (Leave out the sugar if you don’t like it but it gives a nice taste to the end product. The amount of sugar should be a pinch or as indicated in the Ingredients above, not more).

3- Add warm Oil and Butter/Margarine mixture into the flour mixture and mix with your hand (I used a spoon).

4- Add a little hot water to the flour mixture and mix. I repeat, a LITTLE water. (Remember to use a spoon or ladle etc as we are using boiling hot not just warm water). Continue adding bits of water until you have a rough soft dough. It’s important to add the water in bits to prevent the dough from softening so fast that you will end up needing a packet of flour in the end.

5- Take the dough out of the bowl and onto a floured board (or if u prefer do the kneading in your bowl). Knead the dough with your hands adding some flour in the event that it’s too soft. This is where you need PATIENCE. Knead for not less than 15minuntes (the longer the better) until dough is soft and elastic. Add some oil or flour in case of stickiness. ALL ADDITIONS ARE TO BE IN TINY BITS. Too much flour=hard dough. It is the kneading that eliminates the stickiness not the flour.

6- When soft, cover dough and let it rest for a minimum of 30mins.

7- Make balls out of your rested dough.

8- Roll out your balls into circles, remembering to dust the rolling pin, board and dough with flour.

9- Brush each circle with a little oil.

10. Starting from the side next to you, roll the circle like you would a mat forward and away from you. It should look like a rope/rod when done.




11- Now coil your “rod” i.e make a coil out of your rod, and press it down to tighten it. Put it aside and cover it and do the same for all balls.(Steps 10 and 11 = Layers in your chapatis)

12- Now take a coil at a time, roll it out into a chapati with your rolling pin, sprinkling some flour to avoid sticking…Don’t make the chapatis too thin.

13- Get frying utensils ready. A pan, some oil for the smearing, a kitchen tissue to clean the pan of all oil remnants before you put in the next chapati and something to help you turn the chapatis over while they fry. Then heat the pan. I used medium heat.

14- Put Chapati in preheated pan without oil and brown side A. Place a cover on the pan while side A cooks. Yes, cover the pan. Then turn over to brown side B and again cover.

15- While side B browns, smear (NOT POUR) oil on side A. Do the same to B when you turn the chapati again.

16- Put your ready chapatis in a freezing bag or a plastic bag (read:kaveera), make a knot and cover with a plate until u put the next chapati.


Disclaimer: I took a few artistic liberties with my chapatis, which I haven’t mentioned in the recipe above. But the recipe shared above is the original from Ti Kat.

For the Bacon and Cheese Rolex:

-Chop bacon into small pieces.
-Whisk eggs in a small bowl until smooth.
-Stir in the Bacon bits and grated cheddar cheese and season to taste with salt and pepper.
-Melt butter in pan and fry over medium heat.
-Place egg on ready made chapati and roll.
Your Rolex is ready to eat! 


Have you done anything fun with your Rolex lately? Perhaps had a recent Chapati-making sucess thanks to KFN’s ‘Soft Layered Chapati’ recipe? Please share!

As always, thank you for stopping by. And I hope you’re all having a wonderful Wine Wednesday.



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