The Holy Crêpe.

THERE’S A CREPERIE IN KAMPALA!!! All day breakfast, every day! I honestly think this little bit of information deserves a moment of silence. I realise that I’m a little late to this party (a fact I’m actually quite glad for) as this establishment opened four or five months ago, but hey; one more review will not kill us, will it?

There have been several reviews about the Holy Crêpe over the last few months on other blogs, social media and in personal conversations, all of which were full of praises for what has commonly been referred to as a ‘little Paris’. Now I’ve never been to Paris but it’s PARIS!  We’ve all read about it, watched things about it, seen pictures and basically drawn a picture of splendor in our minds (or is that just me?). The expectations are really, really high!

At a glance:
Such a great use of space! The word that comes to mind is ‘neat’. They kept the decor simple, which gives an elegant air to the place. I really like that some attention went into the details like the choice of furniture, tableware, cutlery etc. There’s a lot of natural light as well, which is really great for the mood (and pictures, of course) even though the top is covered in draping which seems a little heavy during the day but I imagine must look really pretty at night with all the fairy lights. The space is a little small, though. For some reason, I expected something much grander; large rooftop vibes. It looked much bigger in the photos.

As I mentioned earlier, the place is really neat and clean. The music plays loud enough for you to hear it yet low enough for you to talk over it, or even forget about it altogether, which is nice. The lower level has a really neat little cafe style interior with an open-plan kitchen. While the terrace has several high tables and chairs spread out. There are two or three sofas and coffee tables on one side as well, for those who prefer to sit lower. Did I mention that the view from up there is absolutely stunning?

The menu is an absolute dream. All day break fast, what’s not to love? Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so I can have breakfast things for breakfast, lunch, supper and every meal in between. But on top of being dreamy, their menu is also really detailed. Being several pages long, there’s so much to choose from, regardless of if you’re looking at juices, coffees, milkshakes or crepes. One might even say you’d be spoilt for choice. They did their best to cater to everyone, including the children. And the prices are very fair.

It’s important to note that, as I mentioned before, it’s acreperie and serves breakfast food so don’t go looking for steaks and ribs.

The food:
I had a “La Canadienne” (UGX 25,000), which is crispy fried bacon, scrambled egg, gruyere cheese and syrup envelopes inside a sweet crepe.

The presentation was alright (there’s only so many ways you can present a single pancake…lol). But A for effort.
The waitress brought me a savoury crepe though, instead of sweet. I imagine the chef must have thought they were doing me a favour as most people‎ do not particularly like the sweet and salty combination, but I’m a HUGE fan. Pancakes with bacon and cheese just aren’t the same with savoury crepes. Needless to say, I sent the crepe back to the kitchen and got a sweet crepe instead. There were no objections at all, which is a HUGE plus on the customer service front 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
My food was absolutely delicious; mouthgasm-with-every-bite kind of delicious. Their motto is no lie – heaven must taste a little something like that “La Canadienne” crepe.

The waiters and waitresses  were extremely friendly and helpful. Empty plates, glasses, bottles were cleared away almost as soon as they emptied and water refilled just as quickly. It made it so easy to ignore/excuse the fact that their tees were desperately begging for leave.

Would I go back? Perhaps recommend it to a friend? Certainly! My food was worth every penny, and then some!

It would be perfect for date night/morning/afternoon as well -for the lovebirds who are on the lookout for somewhere new to go.

All photos were taken by me 🙂



  1. It looks quite calm and peaceful. I’m loving the panoramic view and I’d love me an a nice chicken pie and a nice cold glass of tropical juice looking out at that view.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is both calm and peaceful and the view is to die for! I’m not sure I saw chicken pies in the menu though, lol. But I’m sure we can find you a close substitute. You’ll definitely like it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What sort of portions cost 25k? Sorry! I am here doing a conversion n I feel, for that amount they should add a beer😎 Nice review!


    1. Thank you my darling. But you must go and get your own experience of it, though. It’s totally worth it.
      Also, thanks for reading and following…xxx


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