Nairobi, at last.

Ahead of my maiden trip to Nairobi (embarrassing, I know, considering I’ve lived next door for most of my life), I got in touch with the lovely Soni (the blogger behind Soni Side Up )for a few tips on where to eat and generally have a good time in Nairobi. My trip was only a few days long so I had just under five days to explore the increasingly famous food and wine scene.

There are a couple of places I’d read lots of good things about and really wanted to check out -The Wine Shop, Brew Bistro (both the lounge on Ngong road and the rooftop in Westlands), Art Cafe and

J’s fresh bar and kitchen, and the Talisman out in Karen which is apparently the best restaurant in Nairobi being at the very top of the list. Nothing was set in stone, of course, and we were happy to check out other places as well.

Much to my surprise (and inexplicable delight), Soni sent through a really detailed list of restaurants, hotels, lounges, galleries etc with details on why she thought each individual place was worth visiting. We pretty much used that as a reference point all week. Sadly, we weren’t able to cover as much as we would have liked. The plan was to visit 2-3 places a day but we ended up only going to 1-2 places a day, depending on the weather which just wasn’t in the mood for our tourist-ing. It rained cats and dogs all week so the traffic was very very real. You won’t believe it took us about two hours to get from Ngong road to Brew Bistro Rooftop in the rain on Friday (not that it stopped us…lol). We loved the vibe there so much that we went TWICE! If you’re ever in Nairobi and you’re searching for a place to hang out in the evening, Brew Bistro (whichever of the two you choose to go to) will be a good place to start. And they have the loveliest staff!

I will not go into details about every single place we visited (we’ll be here all day if I do). But I will say that it’s been such a lovely week. For the sea food lovers, Ocean Basket in Parklands is worth a visit. Such a fun, pretty enviroment. And the food is amazing. The wine list is very detailed, with lots of nice choices to pick from. For those who’re into the modern cafe vibe (afternoon and early evening), Art Cafe will probably speak as much to you as it did to me. And there are several locations so you get to choose which one to go to. Yay!

A huge thank you to everyone who made our stay such fun. And, of course, to the gorgeous bestie for being such an amazing host and co-tourist. Until next time, Nairobi. We’ll be back.



  1. Yay! So happy you enjoyed your time here and liked some of my recommendations. 🙂
    If/when you have a minute, please do write me and let me know what you enjoyed most/least I’d like to hear more! x


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