Seychelles Carnival 2016

The most anticipated weekend on the Seychelles social calendar finally came and went with the 6th edition of the Carnaval International de Victoria (Seychelles Carnival)..

Festivities kicked off on Friday evening with a colorful opening ceremony at Stad Popiler in Victoria as well as entertainment, food and drink at various locations all over the city for those who were not at the opening ceremony, even though it was open to all. We caught the action at

the freedom square, where various food and beverage companies and sole proprietors had set up shop all over the open field. The Taka Maka, SeyBrew (Seychelles’ house beer) and Moonshine Vodka tents were crowd favourites as each offered really good deals on refreshments. The good people over at Taka Maka had hundreds lining up for their amazing burgers all night!

Saturday afternoon found the residents of the Seychelles, along with hundreds, if not thousands of tourists who’d flown in to be part of the colourful annual event, lining up the streets of Victoria to watch the parade. The parade’s route covered a good part of the city center so it could be seen quite comfortably from anywhere along the mapped route.

Carnival troupes from 23 different foreign lands including some of the best like Brazil and Notting Hill took part in the parade. Indonesia, South Korea, Germany, Italy, China, India, South Africa, Zambia, Mauritius, Kenya, Vietnam, among others, were also represented.

All the participants put on a really good show but in my opinion, the Mauritians really brought the house down. For a second there, we thought they were the oh-so-famous Brazilians, who also did not disappoint. The women’s beauty drove the crowds wild with excitement!

In true host fashion, different groups from the Seychelles put on quite the show and really got the crowd going throughout the day!

These photos are only a tip of the iceberg, believe me. The Seychelles carnival is definitely something you need to see for yourself!

Oh what fun!



  1. Good article..finally got down to reading your work😛 Better late than never i guess..

    looks like Seychelles is a happening spot..would def like to come and see more…

    Keep up the good blog..


    1. Yes, better late than never. Thanks for stopping by, Emz. And Seychelles certainly should be on your to-do list. It’s pretty expensive so prepare your wallet.


    1. Thank you so much! I’m humbled. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. Don’t forget to follow so you can receive updates straight to your email 🙂


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