Wine Wednesday | Habits


Is opening a sealed wine bottle as ceremonial for you as it is for me? Anyone? No?

Well, every single time I have to open a bottle of wine, I find myself stalling; waiting for a perfect moment. I suppose this comes from a deep-rooted fear of wasting good wine (yes, it’s a thing) stemming from the knowledge that a bottle, once opened, is gone! Yes, you read right; when you open that bottle, it’s ruined. Try as you may, you can never restore it to its original glory.

You can try, of course; re-corking, refridgerating or whatever else the myriads of internet articles on storing opened wine bottles say but it just won’t taste the same. Sad, I know, but very very true.

In the spirit of Wine Wednesday, I took a trip to one of the best stocked wine shops on the island earlier this afternoon. I’ve been craving for a rich, full-bodied red (Cabernet Sauvignon always does the trick) all week  so I knew which varietal I was going with.

Every week, the wine store has a promotion on a different range of wine. This week’s promotion featured the Calvet   varietals (France)


I went with the Cabernet Sauvignon because, as mentioned earlier, my taste buds dictated.

Back to the point, this was 3pm. The time right now is 7.41PM and as I write this, despite my craving, I’m still sitting here staring at the unopened bottle because the right moment hasn’t yet come.

Does this happen to anyone else?

But now that I’m done writing this, I suppose it’s as good a time as any to get in there, yes? After all, what’s a Wine Wednesday post without a wine review?


A rich, balanced, full-bodied wine with a lingering finish. I picked up notes of blackcurrants and slight spice on the nose. And slight notes of liquorice on the palate.

Would I drink it again? Definitely! And I recommend that you do to!

To wine lovers everywhere, happy wine Wednesday!


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