Hello from the other side.

It’s 2016!!! Remember when we thought we’d be living in space by now? Using flying cars and all, Jetsons style? The future seemed like this magical place where anything could happen! At least one half of that equation is true… Anything can happen. ☺

I’m writing this from one of the most remarkable places on earth, the Seychelles! I’ve been here for nearly a month now and I must say love, beauty and happiness all live here! Just look at all this beauty…






I’m so excited about this journey and I absolutely cannot wait to share the details. But first things first.  Around August last year, I went on a journey to taste 100 different wines. The point of the journey was to cast my net as far and wide as I possibly could, surprise/challenge my palate as much as I possibly could and see what happens.

I found myself exploring completely new wine regions like Australia, Argentina and Spain; all of which had previously been completely foreign to my palate. As one would imagine, my journey with the 100 and something new wines was full of surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant. I’ll confess that I did occasionally find myself gravitating back to South African wine, which is my comfort zone as I “crawled, toddled, walked and ran” (read: started my love affair with wine) in the amazing Cape Town a few years ago. I have since fallen in love with French wine, flirted with some really interesting Italian ones and got a great deal or two on some Argentinian ones.

If you’re a fan of white wine, you might want to try these lovely bottles I tasted at the
Wines Of South Africa Grand Tasting in November last year.


The Old Vines Chenin Blanc is a distinctively bold white with notes of tropical fruit and peaches seamlessly integrated with vanilla oak spice.


Your go-to wine for sundowners in the summer! A well-balanced, lightly oaked chardonnay with prominent fruit flavours and butterscotch notes.

The Kampala social scene was more than kind to wine lovers in 2015 with events like Inaugural #WineClubUganda dinner, the afore mentioned WOSA grand tasting, the monthly wine tasting courtesy of Mythos Greek Taverna and African Wine Traders, the mystery wine tasting hosted by the Pearl Guide and of, course the fabulous Kampala Restaurant Week Opening reception sponsored by Nederburg. What a year! We can only hope 2016 is as big or even bigger. 😉

To my new and not-so new readers from the Seychelles, our journey is only beginning.

Did I mention that this is a wine lover’s haven? Probably owing to its rich French heritage, the Seychelles offers a wide range of amazing French wines. There’s soooooooo much to choose from!

I think I’m going to love it here!




  1. Hey you wine-mad girl. Am still stuck on South African wines. Had a friend from Zambia telling me about some wine from Argentina. I was like really!!!. I guess there’s more to try. Enjoy Seychelles though!


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