Wine Wednesday | Once upon a Chardonnay Tasting.

First off, I’ll apologize for putting this post up late. I’ve been in slow motion all day, thanks to Mike (African Wine Traders) and the good people at Mythos Greek Taverna who hosted us to yet another fantastic wine tasting at last evening.

With the BFF at the tasting last night.
With the BFF at the tasting last night.

It was all about Chardonnay this time with a surprise Shiraz at the end of the tasting which, quite honestly, has been my best find this year (thanks guys). As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a red wine person. Not because I don’t like white wine but because it’s generally harder to find a nice bottle of white than it is to find a nice red. The experts need to tell me why this is.
That being said, the three chardonnays on Mike’s list last night were ALL really good. And they kept getting better as the night progressed. We started off with an unwooded chardonnay from the Diemersdal Wine Estate in Durbanville, South Africa; a totally new drinking experience for most of us. The wine was extremely fruity both on the nose and on the palate with a silky feel and a long, lingering finish. I’d definitely drink this wine again.

Next on the list was the Glen Carlou Chardonnay (South Africa). I picked up notes of gooseberries and green apples on the nose (which was really exciting because the description did actually mention the gooseberries and green apples.) Subtle vanilla and butterscotch along with lemon curd on the palate. A truly refreshing white wine!

That’s when France stole the show with the Macon Davaye, Domaine de la Croix Senaillett from Southern Burgundy. We all agreed that this pale yellow chardonnay was it.

Of course, the best one was saved for the end. I’m a little biased, I know, but that red (Hermanuspieterfontein Skoonma, South Africa) was honestly really, really good. A deep red (tending to purple), four varietal wine featuring Shiraz, Mourvèdre, Grenache and Viognie. It’s well-balanced with smooth tannins and a dry finish.

The highlight of the night was finishing off Mike’s excess stock (yes, I LOVE free things  )
Thanks for yet another wonderful evening, guys!
I can’t wait for December 2nd !







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