Wine Wednesday #4 | An Open Invitation To all Wine Lovers

RosA wine

Fun Fact: Wine Makes Wednesday Fun!

Wednesday is a special day for wine lovers everywhere!! It gives us something to look forward to once a week – even when there’s nothing else to look forward to. Unfortunately, not many spots in Kampala observe wine Wednesday, which is a bit sad because the tradition really is catching on.

So this week (and once a month), I thought we’d do something different and all be part of Wine Wednesday . Where are all the wine lovers at? Hands up if you love yourself a good bottle of vino.

I’ll be picking a wine -related theme (feel free to inbox/tweet/email me and suggest some if you want to) that we can all share in.

Our first theme: Rosé.
To participate: Visit your wine store of choice and grab yourself a bottle of any rosé of your choice. It could be dry, sweet, sparkling -it’s entirely up to you! Email or tweet me and let me know what you’ll be drinking (or what you drank) this Wednesday. You could also share your reasons for choosing  that particular bottle and your tasting notes. I’ll wrap all your responses up into a post which will be up on Wine Wednesday in two weeks.

Please remember to tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend who likes wine or who would like join us for the fun of it to participate. Remember, the more the merrier!!

Really looking forward to reading and sharing your contributions!

Happy wine Wednesday to us!



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