Wine Wednesday | The Perfect Glass

isolated-wine-glassWine is more than just a drink. It’s a lifestyle -a never-ending gastronomic adventure spanning across cultures and regions world over. That should explain why seasoned wine drinkers are so passionate about it. There’s just so much to learn, with wine. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned wine enthusiast, there’s always something new to learn.

Does the glass matter? My friends usually think I’m a snob when I fight with waiters about which glass they should serve my wine in. It’s so bad that I often carry my own wine glass in my car when going to parties  -just in case they don’t have the right one. The truth is, the glass really does affect your wine -drinking experience. Particularly if you’re a red wine person. There’s just something terribly underwhelming about drinking red wine out of a small bowled glass. White is a lot more accommodating.

You don’t have to take my word for it. But if you try drinking your favourite wine out of a tea cup, a water glass and then out of a thin-rimmed proper wine stem, you’ll see what I mean. A simple rule of thumb when choosing wine glasses is ; no frost, no decorations, no metal. The simpler the glass, the better.

As for the increasingly popular stemless glasses? I completely reject those. The palm of your hand warms the wine a lot more than it should which completely alters the taste. Besides, where’s the fun in a stemless glass?
My recommendation this week is a great Rosé I stumbled on a few months ago while trying out the Tangled Tree collection from the Van Loveren Family VIneyards as recommended by my friend  -a wine connoisseur.
Van Loveren Tangled Tree Moscato Rosé
Van Loveren Tangled Tree Moscato Rosé
 It’s a light, delicate pink, semi-sweet wine. The nose picks up rose petals and muscat notes. It’s packed in an eco-friendly plastic bottles making it light and easy to carry.
This wine is perfect for a hot afternoon outdoors. Why not try it out the next time you’re buying something to carry along with you for a picnic?
You can get yourself a bottle from Nakumatt (Oasis mall and Village Mall, Bugolobi) or Wine Garage (Muyenga) or have it delivered by Jumia.
As usual, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this wine when/if you do try it out. Also please recommend some aa4e0057f3f11e8de54c9c7259f0d774great roses that you’ve had. We’d love to hear about them!
Happy drinking!


  1. Thank U… Av had way too many arguments about which glass to use for which wine, whiskey, scotch, et al. In my opinion, drinking a good wine (namaqua, blackbox, and overmear don’t make the cut) out of anything other than its pre-destined glass, is like putting a corola spare tyre on a Mercedes.

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  2. Hey, I totally get what you mean. I have been collecting wine glasses. Just got the gigantic one like Olive Pope uses in Scandal, can’t wait to try it out with bottle of semi sweet Red wine this weekend. I have had Van Loveren Tangled Tree Moscato Rosé, loved it and great thing is that one can get it on a small budget. It was much cheaper at Shoprite Game.

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