Wine Wednesday | The Beautiful Lady

There are some wines which just from the label and description, you know you must try. I, for one, am a sucker for dark, smokey, mocha/chocolatey reds with soft tannins.  I’m not the biggest fan of white wine, although the weather dictates that I drink it more often than I’d like. (Red wine and hot days just don’t mix too well!)

The thing is, I haven’t found that many memorable whites. (Please recommend a bottle or two, if you have?) However, the feedback I got last week showed that a good number of my readers are into white wine. So this week’s recommendation is a bottle of my favorite white wine; The Beautiful Lady from Nederburg’s premium Heritage Heroes range.


This elegantly fragrant, slightly sweet wine really raised the bar for white wine for me. (My friend Kelvin from Nederburg would know as I’m always bugging him for it!) ‎

Tasting Notes

Colour: Light Yellow

Bouquet: Hints of rose petals with sweet litchi and pineapple notes (and apparently Turkish delight although I personally didn’t pick that up).

Palate: Floral notes. It’s ever-so-slightly sweetish with a lingering finish.

Aging potential: 5-7 years.

I was also extremely bummed to learn that Nederburg, South Africa will be hosting a women’s day event featuring The Beautiful Lady and I won’t be able to attend it 😦 . If you’re reading this from South Africa, please attend on my behalf so I can live vicariously through you?


For some reason or other, the heritage heroes range isn’t available on the Ugandan market (or perhaps I’m checking in the wrong places). But who knows, maybe one of our favourite merchants will see this post and surprise us (Hi Khalil!)

Grab yourself a bottle when you can! Even if you have to ask a friend of the neighbour’s sister-in-law to carry one for you from “outside countries”.

Really looking forward to those life-changing white wine suggestions!



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