Wine Wednesday | A Challenge

I’ve been meaning to start my Wine Wednesday series for a while now but something always comes up and by the time I get around to it, it’s not Wednesday anymore. I considered going with “wine picks” but I know that will only allow the occasional bout of laziness. So it seemed like a much better option to commit to posting my picks every other Wednesday.
I’m also officially beginning my 100 wine bottles challenge, inspired by Soraiya Ladak, CEO and MD of The Wine Shop, Kenya, who recently celebrated the completion of her 100 day wine challenge. It will take me a lot longer than 100 days to complete this challenge, of course, but I’m beyond excited to start this journey  and share my findings with you.

The mission here is to try 100 different bottles that I haven’t tasted before; explore new tastes and regions from both the old and the new world. I’m sure my taste buds are in for a treat!

In the meantime, this week’s recommendation is the African Java Pinotage from the Van Loveren Family Vineyards (South Africa).

van-loveren-african-java-75clTasting notes : The wine has an intense aroma of roasted coffee beans. The taste buds pick up a smokey mocha flavor, but it’s balanced with the succulent black-cherry fruit. Chocolatey finish.

Maturation period: 2-3 years.

Price: To be honest, I’m very conflicted about whether or not to share the price as this usually impairs judgement. A lot of us are inclined to think that the more expensive the wine, the better it tastes but there is such a thing as a crappy expensive bottle and a really good fairly priced one.

This wine definitely deserves a Best Value award (in my humble opinion). Grab a bottle the next time you’re at a wine shop and let me know what you think.




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