A little piece of Mexico.

Allow me to tell you about the newest additon to my list of favorite places to wine, dine or chill at in Kampala –Que Pasa. I’d been dying to check this place out for over a month now but for some reason, I kept showing up either too late or too early and was therefore greeted by closed doors. I finally got a chance to hang out there last night, though, and MY-OH-MY! Let’s just say that every one of you should, at least, check it out.

Here’s what i thought about the place…

Food:  I have to say that the options for meat lovers like myself were pretty limited. It was either the pork ribs (from their Fourth of July party menu) or the Southern Fried Chicken. I’m a big fan of the latter so I opted for that.

Southern Fried Chicken with Salsa, Coleslaw and fries.
Southern Fried Chicken with Salsa, Coleslaw and fries.
  • Preparation time: 10-15 minutes. I didn’t wait for long, at all.
  • Presentation:  Neat 🙂
  • Taste: The fries, salsa and coleslaw were really tasty. As for the chicken, I must admit that I probably would have been less biased if I was trying Southern Fried Chicken for the first time but as I said earlier, I’m a huge fan. I expected a bit more magic than what I got though. It’s Mexican! Shouldn’t that mean magic? Don’t get me wrong, the food was great. Just without the magic. The chicken wings (starters) were TO-DIE-FOR though! Magic! Magic! Magic! Best I’ve had in Kampala, so far. And they cost only UGX 12,000!


The staff was/is extremely friendly, helpful, fast and cheery. Good vibes all around! :-):-):-)

He was happy to pose for a photo. :-)
He was happy to pose for a photo. 🙂


It’s obvious that quite a bit of thought went into the setup of the place.IMG_20150706_152608 The entire feel of the place is neat and simple. The chandeliers are made from recycled wine bottles, which i thought was really brilliant. I might even consider borrowing the idea for my house when I finally get around to building :-).

The inside (forgot to take a picture of the outside).

The drinks menu:

They’ve got a relatively wide range of drinks. In fact, it might be safe to say there’s something for everyone here. Oh and the house wine isn’t disgusting. (Yay!)

The drinks menu.
The drinks menu.


Mostly Mexican. The bar man mentioned that they play a bit of arabian music sometimes too and some western music. He used the word fusion in there somewhere too. I know absolutely nothing about music but what I can say for sure is whatever they were playing sounded nice. And it was relatively soft too, so no need to worry about noise.


Let’s just say that the place fits right into my “follow the bazungus” theory. 🙂

The toilets:

Very clean.


Had I mentioned that it’s very affordable? Oh! And happy hour is everyday from 5-7pm (Magharitas at UGX12000, local beers at UGX4000 and house wine at only UGX6000 a glass).

Overall, Que Pasa found its way into my heart! Now you know where to find me (if you were looking).




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