The launch | Kampala Restaurant Week.

It’s finally here! The long awaited Kampala Restaurant Week kicked off two days ago with a fabulous cocktail party hosted by The Pearl Guide  at the Sheraton Hotel in Kampala. I’m a Sucker for fancy parties (so many nice clothes and no where to wear them to) and this one did not disappoint. The crowd was just right -not crowded yet not empty; the lighting was perfect -not too bright to make people self-conscious/uncomfortable yet not too dark to appear dingy; the music was low enough to allow conversation yet audible enough to bridge the gaps. The MC was kind enough to let us enjoy our evening, only taking the mic to bridge the gaps or usher us into the evening’s next plan. And did I mention that the calamari was absolutely amazing? The food was delicious, overall, which I expected (It is the Sheraton, after all), but the calamari just kicked the ball out of the park!
I’m generally distrustful of seafood served so far away from the sea. I imagine it’s been frozen for centuries, especially since it’s not really a thing here so i’m sure it doesn’t get eaten as much as chicken or pork. So you get that plastic, almost tasteless vibe. But like I said, the calamari was everything!
I must say, though, that I was a little disappointed by the selection of wine. Nederburg has some pretty impressive ranges and I assumed they’d be showing off with those ones -particularly since they sponsored the whole thing. You know; the ones that would leave everyone in attendance swearing by Nederburg’s wine mastery. I, for one, am a big fan of The Brew Master and The Beautiful Lady from the Heritage heroes range. Such fantastic bottles! My taste buds are dancing to the thought of it. The Cabernet Sauvignon from Nederburg’s Manor House range is also really good. And the entire Ingenuity range too. I honestly expected to something from the other ranges…not just the foundation range.

On this issue, a friend of mine joked, that if you were to promise a Lady Gaga concert to the people of Kaberamaido, any white woman would do…tsk tsk. It is not uncommon after all, to find that most people’s knowledge of wine only goes as far as “sweet red/white vs dry red/white”. Ugandans are generally more beer drinkers than anything else.

But in other news, it’s so exciting to be part of the great fun that is Kampala Restaurant Week! It is a proud moment for our beautiful city. Social evolution is real people! I could swear everyone is a little more cheery than usual this week. I suspect that it [also] has something to do with the public holidays. And what better way to celebrate a much needed break than with discounts on good food?

I’ve had a chance to visit three restaurants so far (a story for another day) and I must say I really like that they are all taking this seriously.

Such great fun! Thank you Pearl Guide!

If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, check out and get right on it! We’ve still got 10days to go!

A lovely mirror shot of my bestfriend and I at the launch.

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