Countdown | Kampala Restaurant Week.

Exciting things are happening in Kampala next month. Our very first restaurant week!!!


I wouldn’t refer to myself as a foodie, exactly, unless foodie means food enthusiast. My love affair with food started approximately 12 years ago with one simple mission: taste everything, replicate the dishes that made my tastebuds dance and add a little something to make them mine and eventually, open a restaurant serving all my best foods from all over the world. So i learned to cook and when i was lazy or in a good mood or not broke, i ate out. And so fine dining became a way of life.

I eat out at least once a week, in a bad week, twice in a normal one and more in a good one. Good food gives me life! So i’m beyond pumped for the Kampala Restaurant week.

I’ve seen quite a few restaurant on the participants’ list that i haven’t been to yet and i cant wait to check them out. I’ve already checked off which restaurants i’ll be going to when and why. We’ve got just over a week to go… Are you ready?

I thought I was… and then i read something on the Kampala Restaurant Week facebook page about a winemaster flying in all the way from South Africa…and a few wine events that will be happening during the course of KRW! These guys are seriously going after my heart. Excitement will not let me be great.

The Pearl guide team have really given us something to be excited about! Do not be left out!

Visit for details and jump on the bandwagon… It’s not yet too late.


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