The Bistro, Kisementi

Last Friday started with me desperately craving for a Savannah dry (cider). There’s only one place in Kampala where you can find it without a doubt. That’s how I ended up at the Bistro, Kisementi.


When it comes to nice spots in Uganda, the Bistro meets the mark in more ways than one. The decor is gorgeous! It’s quite obvious that a lot of time was put into setting the place up. My personal favourites are the wine bottles set up in the middle of the inside restaurant and the picture of Marilyn Monroe. I always make it a point to look out for the message of the day on their boards. Makes me smile every time!

My Savannah was served ice cold and it only took about two seconds for the waiter to get it to me.


Unlike most places around town, there was no pressure to order for food. The waiter simply gave us the menus and respectfully retreated.Their menu is quite rich. There’s so much to choose from and everything looks rather tempting. And they’re kind enough to provide an allergen code/food guide for those who might need it.

My friends and I ended up ordering in intervals but overall, the food (taste, presentation and serving time) was on point. It’s not the cheapest restaurant in the world but it was money well-spent without a doubt!


The music in the back ground is barely noticeable. They keep it low enough to soothe and entertain without irritating. Did I mention that there’s a live band every Friday evening?
There’s only one toilet per gender, unfortunately, but  it’s always completely spotless with all it’s gorgeousness. A public toilet never looked so tasteful!

Be sure to stop by when you can.


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