Sunday about town…

A friend of mine was visiting from Kenya last week. She’s born and raised in South Africa and this was her first time in Uganda (or Africa as she calls it).So a few friends and I took it upon ourselves to show her our spots in and around town. Sunday breakfast found us at The Bay, Munyonyo.

the bay 4

As you know, the weather in Kampala has been a little unpredictable this month. So even though we left home ready for a sunbathing session by the lakeside, we ended up hurdled under a large parasol on the deck as it was raining cats and dogs by the time we got there.

The Bay is one of my favorite spots in town. It’s a quiet, down-to-earth spot on the shores of lake Victoria with a natural plant cover and a beautiful view from the restaurant. This alone keeps you going back again and again. We all know how soothing water can be after a long day.

I’m usually quite picky about what I want to eat or drink. The plus side of going with my “follow the bazungus” theory is that you’re guaranteed a good meal, decent coffee and a good selection of wines, beers and ciders. Usually. But this was obviously not my day because I couldn’t get a cappuccino (the machine was apparently down), the ciders were out of stock and the available wine was Namaqua. the-bay 5

Now I’m all for people making crazy profits but it really is about time restaurants in Kampala stopped reaping us off! Seriously! I mean if you’re going to sell a glass of wine at UGX15,000, can you at least make it a little bit decent? A 5 litre cask goes for approximately UGX90,000. There are 6 2/3 bottles of wine in a 5 litre cask… Meaning it has approximately 27 glasses (if they’re generous with the portions). So for one cask, they make UGX405,000 (a profit of UGX315,000). So for every one cask, they buy 3 and a half other casks. How fair is that?

We all open businesses to make money. I get that. But please give us our money’s worth, at least. You want us to come back, don’t you? I mean I might buy that overpriced glass that one time because I’m there and don’t have a choice. But I certainly won’t do it a second time!

So Sunday afternoon found me sipping on a fanta orange. But on the plus side, the soup of the day was amazing! I had creme of tomato sauce…and the chef managed to surprise me with a whole lot of cheese in it.

So if you’re looking for a lovely place to relax on a Sunday afternoon, The Bay is definitely it. Just don’t expect too much when it comes to the bar.

the-bay-bistro 6



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