by day…

When I moved back to Uganda almost a year ago, I worried I’d grow tired of it before the year was up. You see Ugandans are generally nocturnal people. The country is asleep by day (paying for the over-indulgence of the previous evening) and comes alive in the evening. By midnight, the whole city is abuzz with city dwellers young and old hopping from spot to spot… Even the police and their breathalyzers can’t stop that. So naturally, there isn’t so much to  during the day. Or so I thought. I had to find something to do with my weekends if I was going to make it through the year!

Somewhere along my journey to finding things to do in Kampala between 11am and 6pm, I developed a theory; follow the bazungus. The white people in Uganda seem to know where all the good spots are. If a place has lots of bazungu, you’ll be sure that the wine is decent and the food is good. The toilets will definitely be clean and you might even find imported ciders and beers!

The theory has worked out pretty well for me actually. You might want to try it.

I wine and dine as a hobby. My agenda on the weekends is usually to find new nice places to go to (when I’m not frequenting my regular spots) so I figured I might as well  extend my hobby to writing about my experiences in some of these places.

I hope this blog will help you on your search for things to do in an around Kampala.


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